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EOS is focused on becoming a decentralized operating system that has the capacity to support industrial-scale decentralized apps. This is a great goal that has already captured the imagination of developers and crypto enthusiasts. What they hope to achieve is to eradicate transaction fees and have the capacity to conduct millions of transactions per second.

For DApps to succeed and gain mainstream adoption, they need certain things from a smart contracts platform.

· First, any DApp that wants to gain mainstream adoption must have support for millions…

~ Digital currency

Hard forks are very common in the crypto space and one digital currency that has experienced several forks is Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Gold fork which occurred in 2018 is one of the most controversial forks we’ve seen and the fork took place at block 491407. When the coin was launched, members of the community felt that what inspired the hard fork was greed.

What really led to this accusation was the fact that the developers of BTG carried out a post-mine after the crypto has been launched and ended up mining the first 1000,000 BTG coins retroactively…

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Waves’ journey into the crypto market began in 2016 when its founder, Sasha Ivanov (a Ukrainian theoretical physicist), launched the project. Ivanov was also part of a fiat-to-crypto platform Coinmat; he was actually a co-founder. He was also deeply involved in developing another blockchain project called NXT blockchain, and he mentioned it as the primary inspiration behind the creation of the Waves Blockchain Platform.

Waves has remained one of the few digital currencies that survived several ups and downs of the crypto market. Waves represent the cryptocurrency “WAVES,” which…

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Just like Bitcoin, Dash is another digital currency that you can use to send or receive payments from any location around the globe. While Bitcoin has continued to maintain its leading position in the crypto space, some contenders still exist and one of them is Dash. Dash is a shortened form of “digital cash,” and was actually a hard fork of Bitcoin.

The crypto was designed to serve as a simpler alternative that would drive mass adoption. Dash has not only built on the basics of distributed ledger technology but has even added…

In a heavily regulated nation such as China, NEO has the potential to become the crypto of choice both in China and other countries around the world. The founders of NEO got the attention of enterprises in search of private blockchain solutions, and this inspired them to create Onchain in 2014. The Onchain technology was designed to function in line with the existing financial and legal framework while providing blockchain solutions to several enterprises. It has a centralized approach that differs significantly from that of other digital currencies.

Having managed to capture the imaginations of the Asian markets despite the…

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Bitcoin Diamond started its journey into the crypto world when it was launched back in 2017. The launching of the crypto occurred at the point when the Bitcoin blockchain got to block 495,866. The challenge then was that those behind Bitcoin Diamond failed to release tangible information to confirm that they really mean business.

There was no community or white paper. In fact, there was very limited information regarding the project, and people felt that there was really no blockchain since they also failed to release a source code at the time or a GitHub…

~ Interoperability between blockchains, Platform, Digital currency, Micropayments.

For the average crypto enthusiast, what comes to mind when IOTA is mentioned is the internet of things. It’s one of the famous crypto projects that has grabbed investors’ attention and remains the major network for internet-connected gadgets. The project isn’t just focused on distributed IoT but also uses an incredible technology that makes it different from other blockchain-based systems. It has experienced several ups and down within the past four years of its existence but has remained strong.

What is IOTA?

The IOTA project has been around since 2015 after a…

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The best way to understand what Ethereum Classic is and how it came into existence is to examine the history of Ethereum. The Ethereum blockchain is mainly used for smart contracts which are programmable agreements between different parties. With smart contracts, money can easily move from one party to the other without requiring intermediaries.

All parties involved in a transaction trust that the code is legitimate and it will release the funds when specific conditions are satisfied. The DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization was launched on the Ethereum network in…

~ Governance integrated, Digital currency, Privacy, Anonymity.

People’s privacy will always face the threat of being compromised as digital currencies continue to gain increased adoption and as the world becomes more decentralized. The reason for this is mainly because of the design of most digital currencies. The truth is that the distributed ledger technology which acts as an open ledger ensures the transparency of every transaction.

The desire of cryptocurrency users to use a blockchain that offers them more privacy increased when they discovered that it is possible for anyone to trace their transactions in most blockchains. Obviously, this feature…

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The entire crypto community got fired up when Hedera Hashgraph posted stats of 10,000 transactions per second. This is an entirely new technology mainly designed for industry clients. With the launching of an open-source version of their technology, many industry players believe this could eventually challenge established blockchains. How true can this be? Only time will tell! The truth is that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will transform your life, and even if you’re not going to allow it, your life will eventually change.

Understanding What Hedera Hashgraph Means

Hedera named its new kind of distributed…

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